Process capability

QJ is committed to hiring professional and experienced designers and mold manufacturing team, also introduced the most advanced processing equipment and the latest management concept, to ensure your mold quality and can be completed on delivery time, cost and customer requirement. QJ professional engineers will focus on every detail of your project from the beginning of the project to the T0 test until go to the production:
   Class A mold manufacturing master
   Full automatic mold processing production line
   Full CNC and CAM functions
   Full automatic inspection equipment
   3-d modeling and mold design
   Mold flow analysis

Engineering team:

   QJ has a senior mold design team to help ensure the feasibility of your product development. Our experienced team of engineers are experts in mold design, and used the latest engineer tools and software to help you build the quality plastic products. Meanwhile our mold engineers create the best possibility and cost-effectiveness for your project requirement. In the early stage of the project, we will according to your 3d data or 2d drawing to assess and make the DFM report. And also provide the suggestions or some areas need to improve for the drawing structure issue.

   The engineering team of QJ are master of DME, HASCO, MUSUMI,Synventive, Mold Master, HP System, Husky, Incoe, Meusbergeretc.standard applications, who often design big size injection mould, precision injection mold, 2k mould, insert mould, over mould etc., according to the characteristics of customer products to customized mould strcture. The product scopes are Automotive components,Car electronic devices,high quality Household appliances, Electronics, medical devices, Food products etc.

Mould design:

   QJ Mould design specialists use mould simulation software to optimize the product design and manufacturing process and perfect it before the tooling launch. This process reduces the time needed to condition the mould and speeds the product to market..

   The design software we use: AutoCAD •Uni-graphics CAD/CAM •Moldex •Pro/Engineer