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workpiece full-automatic machining and inspection & Mass production

QJ introduced the GF Automatic supporting system function and three coordinate electrode automatic measuring, achieve the automatic detection of electrode, EDM off-line programming, upload the CNC programs automatically, reduce the labor force and improve the measuring efficiency. .

Our exclusive service

Mold design


QJ adopts the most advanced legal software and knowledge ware for 3D drawing and CNC programming.

Mold manufacture


QJ has a ability to create all kinds of mold structure . such as 2k mold, over molded, gear mold, steam mold etc..

Injection molding


QJ owned 130 injection molding machines(two color machines,full-electric injection machine,the largest of machines is 1800T.

Secondary processing


QJ secondary processing: Hot melting, Ultrasonics, painting, printing, assembling .